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Tax Consulting

Tax issues are one of the most complex and important areas of the functioning of companies. They directly influence the financial outcome as well as the comfort of planning and management.

We offer both current tax consultancy and complex services which include effective tax risk management and tax optimization.

Our goal is to effectively search for optimal, safe and legal tax solutions for both companies and private persons.

Among others we offer our support in the range of:

  • corporate income tax,
  • personal income tax,
  • VAT – value added tax,
  • social security,
  • transfer pricing,
  • proceedings in the case of fiscal and tax audits,
  • tax reviews with issuing tax opinion,
  • preparation of current information on changing rules,
  • periodical audit of the correctness of the subject and base of taxation,
  • tax audit,
  • issuing opinions concerning the taxation of agreements functioning in the economic relations, including manager contracts, merchandise transactions, etc.,
  • creating tax plans,
  • consultancy on creation, mergers and restructuring of companies.

Tax consultancy includes many aspects of tax rules usage so the above list does not cover the whole range of our services.

If you do not find here the direct answer to your needs please contact us. We will prepare the individually constructed offer.

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