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Realizing that the essential condition of undisturbed business activity is keeping the financial fluidity we offer you assistance in the scope of income monitoring and vindication of receivables.

Within this service we offer:

  • consultancy on implementation of contractual provisions on payment services and vindication costs to the commercial agreements,
  • advice on transaction securing with legal instruments which are to increase the commercial security,
  • current analysis of receivables income in fixed deadlines,
  • amicable vindication which covers:
    • contact with business partners in order to remind about coming payment time,
    • contact with business partners in case of payment delay in order to precisely define the time and conditions of payment,
    • sending of written payment reminders according to previously agreed terms.
  • judicial vindication lead by legal counselors who cooperate with us.

The above list does not cover all of the vindication services from our offer.

If you do not find an answer to your needs or shall you have any questions about possibilities of cooperation with us please do not hesitate to contact us. We prepare individual offers on request.

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