Analyzes and expertises

People managing companies or their particular departments on daily basis have to make decisions which influence not only current condition of the managed structure but also its future development or even the “be or not to be” of the whole company. Upcoming challenges have to be reacted on immediately and right choices in the conditions of the competing market demand valid, reliable and complex information. FINCONT offers you support in the field by providing professional analyses and expertise.


Among others our offer include:

  • analysis of the whole existing organizational structure or its particular areas, the data circulation, management method, applied procedures, indicators of effectiveness, etc. along with recommendation of necessary changes and support in their implementation,
  • determination of company’s potential, verification of investment possibilities, choice of the optimal development strategy and optimal kind of investments,
  • determination of economical effects of the particular project, limits of security and profitability,
  • preparation of the complex plan of the financial and economical situation improvement,
  • optimization of existing sources of founding and support in gaining new ones,
  • analysis of financial statements and factors creating the financial results, audit of financial fluidity, profitability and evaluation of market value,
  • preparation of strategic plans, restructuring programs, analysis of investment profitability, study of feasibility,
  • preparation of business plans,
  • evaluation of companies.

The above list does not cover all of the services from our offer.


If you do not find an answer to your needs or shall you have any questions about possibilities of cooperation with us please do not hesitate to contact us. We prepare individual offers on request.