Why us?

Fincont operations are covered by Civil Liability Insurance in full range.


FinCont renders services in both Polish and English language.


The accounting office team consists of the accountants holding ccertificates of the Ministry of Finance. This certificate authorizes to render services including keeping accounting records. Some of our team members are also authorized as statutory auditorsand they continuously supervise the quality of our services.


We work with modern, stable and verified integrated IT system RAKS SQL. Check the system at: www.raks.pl.


Our bid covers secure on-line access to accounting books.

We apply modern IT solutions to guarantee the security of our clients’ data (i.e. systems of limited access and continuous data archiving).


Our offer includes rendering services both at our or at the client’s offices.


We take over full responsibility for proper settlements with Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution, correctness of accounting records, tax security and accordance of proposed solutions with applicable rules.


Our focus is on optimization of financial management, reduction of client’s own costs, application of most profitable economic and organizational solutions, provision of tax security and lowering economic risk.


Our strong side is specialized finance and management reporting including the reporting applicable to companies listed on New Connect market and Warsaw Stock Exchange.


We invest in the relations with clients because we believe that our development depends on the development of our clients. WDuring cooperation with Fincont you gain the certainty that tasks we are given will be performed according to mutual agreements and on time.


We build long lasting relations with our clients based on:

  • full understanding of their requirements, expectations and the essence of activity,
  • precise identification of expected results,
  • good communication,
  • proactiv cooperation,
  • current monitoring of needs.

Client’s welfare and security are our priority and we do our best to make him satisfied with the effects of our work. All the business meetings are taking place in a friendly atmosphere. And the combination of a nice atmosphere with professionalism cause that clients are eager to cooperate with us on a regular basis.


So far our clients appreciate the punctuality of our services and also value the fact we always are of help in every unknown issue. Our cooperation passes in the atmosphere of mutual trust and full confidentiality.